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Push Monitor

There is a lot going on in the lockscreens of smartphones. News providers as well as brands use the media change to push your message to the target group.
Console Labs has been working for many years as a push service provider for numerous radio and TV stations and, together with partners, runs regular workshops that shed light on trends in technology and usage.

The Push Monitor console is a real-time analysis service and at the same time an archive for received notification from DACH, Europe and the world. Since the summer of 2019, more than 350,000 have been able to analyze notification.

We used the notification of the Hamburg Citizenship Election on 23.02.2020 to create an evaluation of the monitor.

Push Monitor, Hamburg Citizenship Election 23.02.2020

Push Monitor for the Newsdesk
Use our technology to monitor your own notification dispatch as well as that of your competitors.
Pushes from subscribed apps can be imported into your newsdesk through our interface.

Push Analysis
How was a specific event reported? Who was ahead in reporting? Who reliably provided further information? Who uses Push Notification only to guide users only to their own offer?
Console Labs shows it to you.


Maximilian Knop
Managing director

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