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A built in DAB+ chip allows the use of radio programs, independent of an existing Internet connection with your DAB+-Smartphone. Thus, the user can receive the radio program via a smartphone without its data volume to be consumed. The hybrid app can automatically switch between Internet and DAB + reception and adapts to availability. All without the loss of other services that provides your app.

KONSOLE Labs offers the possibility to integrate this feature into your app, through our membership in the IDAG group and access permissions to the SDK.



LG Stylus 2

  •  5,7-Zoll-Bildschirm und eine Auflösung von 1280×720 Pixeln
  • Android 6.0 von einer Quad-Core-CPU mit 1,2 Gigahertz und 1,5 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher
  • wechselbare Akku mit einer Kapazität von 3.000 mAh
  • Gewicht der gesamten Hardware beträgt 145 Gramm
  • 13-Megapixel-Kamera
  • in Titan, Weiß und Braun

Bei LGs Stylus 2 DAB+ handelt sich um eine spezielle Auflage des LG Stylus 2 mit digital-terrestrischem Radioempfang DAB+. Seit 2011 werden in Deutschland neue Radioprogramme im Übertragungsstandard DAB+ ausgestrahlt.

Quelle: Notebookcheck.com

Warum DAB+?

In Norwegen wird im Jahr 2017 die UKW-Ausstrahlung des Radioprogramms eingestellt und die Sender bekennen sich zu dem Digitalradio.

Wir sehen die Verbreitung des Programms über DAB+ als einen Weg und bieten interessierten Radiosendern dafür Lösungen an.


Darum DAB+?

erhöhte Bindung zwischen Hörer und Sender

störungsfreie Übertragung des Programms

starkes Wachstumspotential in der Nutzung der App

kein Verlust von anderen Diensten der App

Pressemeldung 14.03.2016

DAB+ is considered the digital successor to the analogue metric wave frequency band and is distributed via terrestrial senders like its predecessor. The second quarter of this year will see the release of the first DAB+ Android smartphones, which will allow for the reception of online radio through this digital-terrestrial mechanic on smart phones. KONSOLE Labs is the first digital agency in Europe that delivers the opportunity to create and implement a hybrid radio app with the DAB+-SDK (Software Development Kit).

Berlin, Germany, 14th of March 2016 – An integrated DAB+ chip in smart phones delivers digital reception to mobile devices. All radio stations that provide online and digital reception of their programs now face the challenge to provide their listeners with new radio apps for the next smart phone and tablet generation. KONSOLE Labs is the first digital agency in Europe to offer the opportunity of creating a hybrid radio app with the necessary DAB+ SDK. The German station SWR is the first station to use this new technology by upgrading their radio apps to receive DAB+ with the help of KONSOLE Labs.

KONSOLE Labs is showing this hybrid radio app technology on their booth 44/45 at the Radiodays in Paris from 13th to 15th of March 2016.

Benefits for the listeners
DAB+ for Android offers a clear benefit for listeners. The integrated smart phone DAB+ chip allows for the reception of radio programs without the necessity of an internet connection. This gives the listeners an alternative to listen to his favorite stations not via mobile internet but through terrestrial reception via DAB+: The listener can use his smart phone app to listen to his favorite radio stations everywhere in areas covered by DAB+ – without the need to spend his monthly data plan on mobile internet connectivity. This reduces the listeners’costs for using the radio app.

Hybrid apps integrate both mobile internet connectivity and DAB+ reception, so terrestrial reception is possible and additional services like news or playlists can be displayed in the app using mobile internet. This enables the listeners to use all the additional internet-based functionality in his radio app at the same time. The new generation of radio apps will even be able to switch automatically between internet connectivity and terrestrial reception – depending on the currently highest possible quality of reception. This background switching is something the listeners usually do not even notice.

Benefits for radio stations
There is a clear benefit for radio stations as well: Listener-to-station-engagement is increased and kept interference-free in the area of DAB+ reception. Even if the listeners drive through areas that are not densely populated, and where good internet connectivity is not always available, DAB+ ensures a hassle-free connection and reception without breaks. An added mandatory necessity for terrestrial radio stations to provide digital reception of their programs in some countries should not be neglected either. The days of the metric wave frequency band are over. The first European country to completely switch off the analogue frequencies in 2017 will be Norway. From that point on digital signals will only be distributed terrestrially.

KONSOLE Labs is a member of the IDAG, the international organization that is on the forefront of the integration and the distribution of the DAB+ chip integrated in smart phones. The organization focuses all know-how within the IDAG member base. As a member KONSOLE Labs has exclusive access to the SDK (Software Development Kit) to create apps for the new smart phone generation. This gives the company a technological advantage over other digital agencies in Europe. KONSOLE Labs is a strategic partner of the SWR and will update all apps of the SWR station group (SWR1, SWR2, SWR3, SWR4, DASDING and SWRinfo) for the new generation of devices.

KONSOLE Labs has successfully been developing software for digital radio stations for more than 7 years, and is an external think-tank and development lab for public and private radio and TV stations in Germany. Clients are ARD, SWR, Antenne Bayern, HR, rbb and multiple private stations. Not only does KONSOLE Labs create tailor-made solutions, but has started delivering out-of-the-box concepts to give smaller stations the opportunity to profit from the technical possibilities.

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