Alexa, play “Radio Gong”!

Alexa, play “Radio Gong”!

Alexa, play Radio Gong!

Amazon Echo is the latest addition to Amazon’ services on the market. If you own this cylindrical device and place it in the room, you have the possibility to retrieve messages, to make purchases or now listen to radio stations by simple voice control.

“Alexa, play Radio Gong!” With these words, users can now listen to the first local radio station via Amazon Echo. The prerequisite is that the specially programmed “Skill” has previously been downloaded and installed on the device.


“The Konsole has set itself the task of developing products and new ways of spreading radio programs to the listeners. Audio interfaces are the main topic for this year. We are proud to have developed the first Alexa Skill, together with our partner Radio GONG, in such an exciting project. ”


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