The new version of the Konsole RadioPlayer is available!

We are pleased that Schwarzwald Radio is the first station that receives the new version of the Konsole Radioplayer from us . With an improved layout , the player fits perfectly to the CD of the radio station and improves the usability of the app . Many new features are waiting to be discovered by the users and increase the value of the app .

In addition to the live stream of the radio station, you can also listen via DAB + with a DAB + enabled smartphone , contains the app a native social media feed for the latest posts from the social channels of the transmitter. With the native podcast player the user has the possibility to subscribe to his favorite to podcasts and to listen to them while on the road.

Tomorrow muffles can start the day with an integrated alarm clock from his favorite program or by a wake-up call of his favorite presenter.

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Client: Schwarzwald Radio
Media: Mobile App (iOS & Android)
Industry: Media / Entertainment
Market: Germany
Launch Year: 2016

Coming soon in the app stores.


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