International DMB advancement Group

International DMB advancement Group

IDAG is a non-profit organization seeking to promote, facilitate and coordinate DMB initiatives around the world. This includes DAB, DAB+ and additional services. IDAG is an organization that has a content and services related viewpoint, something that is also reflected by the member companies. Its members are primarily broadcasters or DMB/DAB/DAB+ network operators.

IDAGs main focuses are on broadcasted radio and television content and additional services via both DMB/DAB/DAB+ and the internet. Combining DMB/DAB/DAB+ with interactive services opens up for a new range of exciting and innovative services. IDAG is working with manufacturers to help bring attractive handsets to market.

IDAG and its members are cooperating with various partners to lay down the foundation of a successful deployment of digital radio and mobile TV via DAB, DAB+ and/or DMB around the world.


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