Breaking push

Breaking push

New push services by Konsole Labs

With our new push notification services Breaking Push and Audio Push, we offer a completely new way to use push notifications.

The news service “Breaking Push” is the next generation of notifications that can be sent to your app users. You can enhance the messages with multimedia content and provide users with additional information that can be played directly on the lockscreen of iOS and Android.

With the innovative “Audio Push”, which places a focus on news apps, the app users have for the first time the option to hear a push notification when they receive it. We support audio files or live teaser. But even simple text messages can be output through a text-to-speech software to audio. The app user can decide for themselves to which subjects they wish to receive a Push Notification and what not. The audio function can be disabled at any time.

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Client: –
Media: Mobile App (iOS & Android)
Industry: –
Market: Worldwide
Launch Year: 2016

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